Severe Weather Sirens

Since 1971, the Emergency Services and Disaster Agency (ESDA) has maintained Outdoor Warning Sirens to warn the residents of approaching tornadoes and major emergencies. The Elmhurst City Council recently approved the purchase of six new outdoor warning sirens to replace the sirens installed in 1971. The original sirens have become obsolete and replacement parts are difficult to find. The new sirens are omni-directional models that project a clear and powerful decibel level in all directions simultaneously. The 360-degree coverage avoids the distortion resulting from the peaking and ebbing effect associated with rotating siren systems.

The sirens are tested the first Tuesday of each month at 10:00 a.m.  The test consists of one minute of a steady tone.

The steady tone is used to alert the public that a tornado has been sighted and is approaching the community, this tone will last three to five minutes. When the steady tone is heard during severe weather, you should seek a place of shelter immediately.

During severe weather, the city may pre-empt cable TV programming on all channels to provide information on the storm using a voice message.  During major emergencies, this system will also be used, plus information will be provided on cable Channel 19.

If you hear the outdoor warning sirens, please do not call the Fire Department, Police Department or ESDA office, during severe weather, seek shelter at once.

Sirens are situated at the following locations:

  • 910 N Addison--Elmhurst Fire Department Training Tower 
  • Berens Park 
  • Field School 
  • Jackson School 
  • Jefferson School 
  • York High School 
Map of Elmhurst Sirens

Elmhurst Siren Coverage Map (PDF)