First Responders Memorial Plaza

As Americans, we all have our distinct memories of when we learned of the tragedy of September 11, 2001. Perhaps you watched it live. Maybe you heard about it at work or school. You could have seen it through the media. Regardless, when you learned of it, your life stopped for a moment, the way lives do when you know something just happened that will change the course of human history. A few days after the twin towers fell, Elmhurst firefighters were in New York assisting with making life a bit better in that city…doing their part as first responders. It is a time that none of us should ever forget.

At this time, Elmhurst firefighters, the City of Elmhurst, the businesses of Elmhurst, and the citizens of Elmhurst are moving forward with a new piece of public sculpture created to memorialize the fateful day of 9/11 in our community. With a piece of rail given to the City from the twin towers, local sculptor, Jason Peot, will create a vibrant, moving, multi-faceted, 9/11 memorial to be placed near Fire Station #2 on York Street in Elmhurst.

To complete this project, Elmhurst firefighters will need to raise approximately $150,000, of which some $30,000 is already secured. Over the next several months, firefighters will be seeking support for this effort. Contributions of any amount will be sought during this time. It is hoped that this new sculpture can be created and installed by September 11, 2024. 

Find ways to donate here! We thank you for your generous support.

911 Sculpture