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Mission Statement:

The Elmhurst Fire Department consists of competent and valued professionals dedicated to providing life safety, emergency services, and educational programs for the protection of life and property in our community. The mission is accomplished by holding devotion to duty above personal safety and comfort, and continually challenging our members to enhance the quality of services provided.

Value Statement: 

The City of Elmhurst Fire Department is a team of professionals that serve with excellence, dedication, and pride; who are committed to saving lives, protecting property, and improving the quality of life for our residents and visitors; by providing rapid and reliable services in all emergency and non emergency activities. The City of Elmhurst Fire Department personnel will accomplish our mission by participating in this community, providing progressive and comprehensive services, and striving to efficiently utilize all resources to meet the needs of our community.

Brief History: 

On July 15,1893 the City of Elmhurst officially formed the Volunteer Fire Department. In 1884 the first firehouse was built on Schiller Street. The Volunteers consisted of a Marshall, Assistant Marshall, hook and ladder men, hose men, saw men and bucket men. The equipment consisted of a wheeled hose reel, a horse drawn hand pumper, a horse drawn ladder and a pail wagon. We have come a long way since then. 

Today, the Elmhurst Fire Department remains focused on its core mission, which is the protection of life and property in the Elmhurst community. The Elmhurst Fire Department is and continues to be rated one of the best fire departments throughout the nation.

Department Personnel:

Elmhurst Fire Department Personnel is used to provide 24-hour service manning two engines, two ladder trucks, and two advanced life support ambulances. Our manpower includes the following:

Fire Chief
Deputy Fire Chief
3 Battalion Chiefs
6 Lieutenants
33 Firefighters
15 Contract Paramedics

With the support of the Mayor, City Council, City Manager and other City Departments, we continue to be an organization that prides itself on being proactive, efficient, and effective in our delivery of public safety services.

Annual Report:

Each year, the department puts together a report with highlighted information from the previous year. This includes the departments accomplishments and goals for the following year. Click here to find the most updated Elmhurst Fire Department Annual Report.


The Fire Department continues to maintain its ISO Class 1 Certification. The certification is based on the city’s fire suppression, training, public education, fire prevention, and water distribution systems.

More information:

FAQ Graphic

Fire Station 1
Phone: (630) 530-3094
404 N. York St.

Fire Station 2
Phone: (630) 530-3095
601 S. York St.